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After a great deal of consideration and given the concerns about COVID-19, we have decided to cancel our race for July 25, 2020. We hope to see you all in 2021!

In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, support and being a part of this community. 

Take care,

Washburn Chamber of Commerce.

July 24th and 25th 2020

The Washburn Board Across the Bay Race is a unique Stand Up Paddle Board Event for all paddling enthusiasts. It takes place on Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay in Washburn, WI., home of TOM BLAKE. You can choose between the 3, 7, or the 14-mile race.


Friday July 24th

5PM-7PM: Race Registration at Memorial Park in Washburn.

Friday 6PM: FREE Historic Paddle-Tom Blake’s favorite spot, starting at Memorial Park in Washburn—Weather Dependent

Saturday July 25th

6:30AM-7:30AM: Race Registration at Thompson’s West End Park before race

7:30AM: MANDATORY Race Meeting and Instructions at Thompson’s West End Park in Washburn

8AM: 3-mile & 14-mile race start in Washburn at Thompson’s West End Park (starts & ends)

9AM: 7-mile race start in *Ashland at Bayview Beach
(across from Tractor Supply building)

10AM- 1PM: Try SUP’s from leading manufacturers at Thompson’s West End Park

1PM: Awards at Thompson’s West End Park

*Racers are responsible for their own transportation to Ashland 7-mile start site.

Some of the Events Uptown for
Washburn Homecoming 2020:

Car Show & Live Music
Art & Craft Vendors
Huge Parade with Professional Bands
Family Activities
Historic Tours
Street Dance Friday and Saturday Night

Historical Paddle:

This will be a free group social paddle from our race registration site at Memorial Park, starting at 6PM. Memorial Park was a favorite haunt of Tom Blake, the legendary surfer who grew up in Washburn. Tom would paddle from the park along the shoreline to Houghton’s Point where he would enjoy the scenery and sea cliffs along the way.
Our group paddle will follow his route with options to turn back at any time to shorten the trip. For those up for the full paddle, we’ll stop at Houghton’s Point for a hike up Echo Dells and check out the point where nature-lovers used to catch the ferry to Madeline Island.
Bring your own equipment (SUP, kayak, canoe…all welcome!) or let us know ahead of time and we’ll bring SUP’s for you to borrow.

Race Divisions & Categories:

Mens & Womens categories include:


1. Length – 14’ ft maximum

2. Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

3. Board Design – No minimum dimensions.

SUP 12’6” and UNDER CLASS:

1. Length – 12’6” ft

2. Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

3. Board Design – No minimum dimensions.

SUP Surfboard CLASS:

1. Length – 12’2” ft maximum

2. Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

3. Board Design – Board must be a surfboard style in shape with the
minimum dimensions. Nose 17” wide(12” back from nose),14” tail (12” up from the tail) and maximum thickness of 5”.


1. Prone Stock Class: 12’-no rudder

2. Prone unlimited class: any size board including those with rudders


1. No Restrictions except that the craft must be powered by a stand up paddler with a single blade paddle. This includes multi-hull SUP’s, foil fins, rudders, etc.

2. For non-SUP watercraft. Must be self-propelled by single or double blade paddle. May include canoes, sea kayaks, and surf ski.

3. Timed but only 1st place award given to: Unlimited SUP, Canoe, Sea kayak and Surf Ski.


a. All

i. The United States Coast Guard and the event coordinators require wearing approved type III lifejackets while operating any personal watercraft during any part of the event.

ii. Racers must be self-contained. This means bringing own water and a system with which to carry water, snacks, and other items that may be needed while on the water. Racers are not allowed a non-racing assist boat, though racers may assist one another if needed.

iii. Racer watercraft will be assessed for length and other requirements during event registration while on sight. Racers pre-registering for the race should be sure of what category they fall within, or ask. Watercraft not meeting the requisites of the requested category may be switched into another category before race start.

iv. Race numbers are required and will be given to competitors at registration

v. Course is subject to change at the discretion of the race referee, it may be modified to take advantage of the weather conditions or safety preparation. All competitors are notified, in the event the race is cancelled.

vi. Racers are responsible for their own transportation to the Ashland 7 mile race start site.

vii. Other rulings are at the discretion of the race coordinator. If racers have a question as to the legality or safety of using a particular strategy or piece of equipment it is up the that racer to ask before racing.

b. Stand Up Paddleboard

i. All racers must wear a leash

ii. All competitors must remain standing throughout the race. a competitor is allowed to sit, lay or kneel to rest without making forward progress. Racers competing from one of these non-standing positions will immediately be placed into the “unlimited” paddlecraft category.

iii. Propulsion: SUP racers must use a single bladed paddle. No outside assistance, drafting, or use of any form of sail or clothing used for the same purpose is allowed.

iv. SUP center fins may be of any length, width or shape, but must be symetrical and may NOT have points protruding from any of the surfaces. (foils, etc)

v. Rudders only allowed in SUP unlimited class.

c. Prone Paddleboard

i. See “all”. d. Surf Ski i. Competitors must wear a leg rope

ii. Craft will be subject to a seaworthiness safety check


Safety Statement

The safety of the participants, spectators, staff and competitors is the first priority of the Washburn Board Across the Bay event. Permitted by the U.S. Coast Guard and patrolled by safety boats along the entire course. Being that this race takes place on Lake Superior we have to prepare for all weather conditions. However, the  event and race take place within the Chequamegon Bay, which is protected from larger wind waves and generally has warmer water than in the open lake. We also choose to hold the event at the end of July, when calmer weather can usually be expected. Lake conditions will be made available to all participants prior to the race start. Race Directors will warn competitors of any dangers that could occur as well as where safety personnel will be located on the course and venue and have a safety plan in place if adverse or dangerous conditions should occur during the race. Race directors will communicate such during the pre-race competitors meeting.

Participant Waiver of Claim and Indemnity Agreement

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Washburn Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Washburn, their officers, agents, volunteers, sponsors, Board Across the Bay hosts and employees from and against any and all liabilities for any injury which may be suffered by the above participation arising out of or in any way connected with their participation in the Washburn Board Across the Bay Race & Festival. I also permit organizers of their event to use photographic images taken during this event for promotional purposes.

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